Privacy policy

Handling personal information

Toyotsu Automotive Creation Corporation recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, always bears the following points in mind, and takes all possible measures for protecting the personal information.

  1. Toyotsu Automotive Creation assigns a person in charge for handling personal information, and takes measure not to utilize the personal information for purposes other than the personal information, discloses the purpose of the use and the possibilities of offering the information to others, and then obtains, uses, utilizes, and offers the personal information adequately within the utilization purpose that the person has agreed with.
  2. Toyotsu Automotive Creation establishes and adequately manages a personal information protection management system to observe the laws concerning the handling of the personal information protection and the ordinances and rules set up by the government.
  3. Toyotsu Automotive Creation always recognizes the importance of the personal information, and establishes the personal information protection system in house and at contractors. Then, Toyotsu Automotive Creation takes rational safety measures and corrective actions to prevent the unauthorized accesses to, leak of, the loss of, damages of and manipulation of the personal information.
  4. Toyotsu Automotive Creation quickly and adequately responses to requests from the person of the disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of the personal information, and the complaint and consultation on the handling of the personal information, and manages the internal system thereof.
  5. Toyotsu Automotive Creation continuously reviews and improves the personal information protection system by paying a close attention to changes of social environment about the personal information protection, and periodical audits.

Date of enactment : March 30, 2015

President Yoichi Mizuta